Children’s Clubs

Junior Wriggle Valley Players: Drama group meeting at Leigh Village Hall.  Wednesday 5.30-7 pm (term time only). Contact: Caroline Hart  moc.115242898402klat1524289840@ctra1524289840h1524289840

Brownies and Rainbows: Meet on Thursday (term time only) from 5.45-7. Rainbows for girls aged 5-7, Brownies girls aged 7-10. Contact Caroline Cornelius: 07896 275 479, moc.l1524289840iamto1524289840h@sui1524289840lenro1524289840c_eni1524289840lorac1524289840

Guides: Meet on Thursdays (term time only) from 7-8.30. Girls aged 10-14. Contact Angela Orton: moc.l1524289840lewye1524289840noH@n1524289840otrO.1524289840alegn1524289840A1524289840

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides: Meet at Yetminster Jubilee Hall. Additional information can be found on their poster here.

Beavers:   Meet on a Wednesday (term time only) from 6-7 pm.  Boys and girls aged 5 years 9 months to 8 years old.  Contact Maryann Parkinson: 07814 595811, moc.l1524289840iamto1524289840h@zem1524289840yriah1524289840

Cubs: Meet on Tuesday (term time only) from 6-7.30pm.  Boys and girls aged 8 years to 10 years 6 months old.  Contact: Paul Hollick: moc.t1524289840enret1524289840nitb@1524289840kcill1524289840oh.a.1524289840luap1524289840

Scouts: Meet Wednesday (term time only) from 7-9pm.  Boys and Girls 10-14 years.  Contact John Brockway: moc.l1524289840iamg@1524289840yawkc1524289840orb.n1524289840ahtan1524289840oj1524289840

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts: Meet at Scout Hut, Yetminster

Pogles Wood: An outdoor learning experience based in a lovely 3-acre woodland in Leigh.