Leigh Flower Show

  • Leigh Flower Show 2018 Schedule

    The Schedule for the 82nd Leigh Flower Show is out now. You can download a copy here


Photography Section

The Leigh Flower Show Committee have announced the categories for next year’s Photography section.

Chairman Brian Read said, “We hope that by announcing the categories early and by extending the number of classes, we will encourage many more people to enter.  Last year, the winner of the landscape category and family group category were taken with a mobile phone!  The competition is about imagination and not fancy equipment.”

The categories are:

Close up – a photography revealing a hidden detail of something we see every day.

Holidays – what did you see whilst on holiday that others would find interesting.

Family – we all take photos of our family, let’s see them.

Water – it could be a scenic shot, a water sport, children messing around.

Cityscape – find the beauty in the city.

Street scene – people at work, markets etc

Flower/s – close up or view of an expanse of flowers.

Bird/s – close up of wild birds are difficult, so maybe think of other types…

Sherborne – lots of material here – take your camera shopping.

An interior – could be a museum, church, special event.

A landscape – we are surrounded by stunning landscape in Dorset, maybe pictures of Leigh to put on the website

Winter  – take a picture to remind us how beautiful things can look in winter.

Happy snapping!