On this page you will find the minutes of previous parish council meetings.

Minutes are in PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Clicking the link will open the document in a new browser tab.

Please note that any recent meeting minutes may not have been ratified by Council and may be subject to amendments at a subsequent meeting.

Meetings usually take place on a Tuesday in Leigh Village Hall at 7.30pm – please check the next agenda for confirmation.

Parish Council Minutes 2024

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
9th January 2024View pdfView pdf
12th March 2024View pdfView pdf
14th May 2024 (Including AGM)AGM

Parish Council Meeting
AGM minutes

PC Minutes

2023-2024 Report of Activities
9th July 2024View PDF

Parish Council Minutes 2023

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
10th January 2023View pdfView PDF
14th March 2023view PDFView PDF
9th May 2023View PDFView PDF
9th May 2023 - Annual General MeetingView PDF
11th July 2023View PDFView PDF
12th September 2023View PDFView PDF
14th November 2023View PDF

Parish Council Minutes 2022

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
18h JanuaryView pdfView pdf
15th MarchView pdfView pdf
17th MayView PDFView PDF
12th JulyView PDFView PDF
12th SeptemberView PDFView PDF
8th NovemberView PDFView PDF

Parish Council Minutes 2021

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
19th JanuaryView PDFView PDF
16th MarchView PDFView PDF
18th MayView PDFview pdf
20th Julyview pdfView pdf
5th Octoberview pdfView pdf
16th NovemberView pdfView pdf

Parish Council Minutes 2020

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
21st January 2020View PDFView PDF
17th March 2020view PDFview PDF
12th May 2020view PDFview PDF
21st July 2020view PDFview PDF
15th Septemberview PDFview PDF
17th November 2020view PDFView PDF

Parish Council Minutes 2019

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
19th November 2019View PDFView PDF
17th September 2019View PDFView PDF
16th July 2019View PDFView PDF
21st May 2019View PDFView PDF
19th March 2019
Village Green Public Meeting
View PDF
19th March 2019View PDFView PDF
15th January 2019View PDFView PDF

Parish Council Minutes 2018

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
20th November 2018View PDFView PDF
18th September 2018View PDFView PDF
17th July 2018View PDFView PDF
15th May 2018 Annual Parish MeetingView PDF
15th May 2018View PDFView PDF
20th March 2018view PDFview PDF
January 16th 2018view PDFview PDF

Parish Council Minutes 2017

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
21st November 2-17view PDF
19th September 2017view PDF
18th July 2017view PDF
23rd May 2017view PDF
23rd May 2017 - Annual Parish Meeting view PDF
21st March 2017view PDF
Village Green Plan - background infoview
Village Green Plan - mapview PDF
17th January 2017view PDF

Parish Council Minutes 2016

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
15th November 2016view PDF
20th September 2016view PDF
12th July 2016view PDF
17th May 2016 Annual Parish Meetingview PDF
17th May 2016view PDF
15th March 2016view PDF
19th January 2016view PDF

Parish Council Minutes 2015

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
17th November 2015view PDF
15th September 2015view PDF
21st July 2015view PDF
19th May 2015view PDF
19th May 2015 - Annual Parish Meeting view PDF
17th March 2015view PDF
20th January 2015view PDF

Parish Council Minutes 2014

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
18th November 2014view PDF
16th September 2014view PDF
20th May 2014view PDF
15th May 2014view PDF
18th March 2014view PDF
14th January 2014view PDF