The Village Green

Leigh Parish Council (LPC) is in the process of purchasing a 4.03 acre field adjacent to the Leigh Village Hall in order to establish a c.2 acre Village Green (with the remaining 2 acres being left as agricultural land). This would secure the area as an open, green space for future generations that anyone could use for short term occasional activities such as village events, picnics, informal family games and other such activities that families without access to a suitable garden might otherwise not be able to enjoy.

The addition of a Village Green, adjacent to the existing Village Hall and recently re-sited and
refurbished Playpark, will collectively provide a trio of facilities that will act as a mutually supporting hub at the centre of the village, enhancing the community.

The following documents detail the business plan for this purchase along with all of the supporting documentation required.

Villlage green Documents

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Business case for establishing a Village Green in LeighView PDF
Annex A. Location sketchView PDF
Annex B. Jackson-Stops ValuationView PDF
Annex C. Options for new playpark site, and associated funding for LPC capital projectsView PDF
Annex D. Publicity for pollView PDF
Annex E. Declaration of result of pollView PDF
Annex F. Mr Miller acceptance of £30k offerView PDF
Annex G. Statement of intended useView PDF
Annex H. Leigh PC accounts 15 March 2019View PDF
Annex I. PWLB loan costsView PDF
Annex J. Leigh PC 5 year budgetView PDF
Annex K. WDCC Pre app planning consultationView PDF
Annex L. Publicity 19 MarchView PDF