The 2017 Leigh Candle Auction

This year’s candle auction, believed to be the 285th, was held in the Village Hall on the 21st June, the hottest evening of the hottest year since 1976.

About 40 people gathered in the Village Hall to enjoy fish, chips and drinks. They sat, rivetted to the scene (well, most did – at least one was more interested in the food – see photo) during the auctions.

Alton Mead’s auction lasted for fourteen minutes before the flame finally, and very, very slowly, gave up the ghost just as the last, and therefore winning, bid of £160.00 was made by Sam Vincent.

The auction for Beer Mill Mead proceeded at a cautious pace, with all bidders on the alert for another flickering finish. However, after ten minutes the candle flame, which had burned steadily and brightly, suggesting a long life, died in an instant (see, you never know!), leaving Malcolm Wills the winner with a bid of £150.00.

Next year’s auction will be held on the 20 June. Don’t miss it!