Leigh Lottery

The primary aim of the village lottery is to raise funds for the village hall, but also to have a ‘flutter’, adding a little fun and excitement to supporting a worthwhile cause.

  • Leigh Lottery Results for February

    As a result of selling all 180 tickets this year, the prizes have been adjusted to increase your excitement and interest. January to November’s (11 months) prizes will be £40, £20, £10 and £5; December’s prizes will remain the same at £100, £80, £50, £30, and £20.

    The results of the March draw were as follows:

    1st Prize   £40    Ball No130    Mrs Hilary Cumming

    2nd Prize  £20   Ball No2         Mrs Judith Palmer

    3rd Prize   £10   Ball No 69      Mrs Roz  Vine

    4th Prize   £5     Ball No 76       Mrs Carol Haan

Supporting the Village Lottery

Anyone can join – you don’t have to reside in Leigh. The annual subscription is £12.00 per ‘unit’. Subscribers can buy as many units as they like.

The draw takes place 12 times each year at the end of each month. If you purchase one lottery unit, you get one number. When the draw takes place, a unit is actually a numbered ball in a tumbling cage. If you wish to buy more units, you get more numbered balls, so your chance of winning increases.

The Monthly Draws

There are generally two prizes awarded each month, with extra prizes in May and November. This is shown below. Prizes are based on last year’s subscriptions but are generally the same from year to year.

On average, 50% of the subscriptions are paid as prizes, the other 50% goes to the village hall fund.

Month 1st Prize 2nd Prize Additional Prizes
January £30 £20
February £30 £20
March £30 £20
April £30 £20
May £50 £30 £20
June £30 £20
July £30 £20
August £30 £20
September £30 £20
October £30 £20
November £30 £20
December £100 £80 £50, £30 & £20

Joining the Lottery

Please consider joining our lottery and so support our village hall. Most people join for a whole year, but if you are new to the village, you can join part-way through the year and pay through to January which is our end of year.

If you wish to join, please contact Alaistair Cumming (01935 872 401) or Julian Turnbull (01935 873 846).