Leigh Lottery Results for July

The results of the July draw are as follows:

1st        £  40    Bill Jolliffe
2nd      £  20    Gordon Morris
3rd        £  10    Ron Carter
4th        £    5    Tim Rand

Further Education Grants Available

If you are a resident of Leigh and are starting a course of further education (including apprenticeships) this year, then you may be eligible for a grant from the Boyle’s Education Trust. The grant is offered to assist with the purchase of books and materials required for the course and is available to any resident who qualifies. For further information see below.


Leigh Lottery Results for February

As a result of selling all 180 tickets this year, the prizes have been adjusted to increase your excitement and interest. January to November’s (11 months) prizes will be £40, £20, £10 and £5; December’s prizes will remain the same at £100, £80, £50, £30, and £20.

The results of the March draw were as follows:

1st Prize   £40    Ball No130    Mrs Hilary Cumming

2nd Prize  £20   Ball No2         Mrs Judith Palmer

3rd Prize   £10   Ball No 69      Mrs Roz  Vine

4th Prize   £5     Ball No 76       Mrs Carol Haan

ICAL links added to event listings

The events listings now feature ICAL links. If you click on these, you can save the details into your calendar app on your phone, tablet or PC. You can then use your own calendar to set up reminders for the events if you wish.