Bringing the Library to you

The Royal Voluntary Service are now offering to bring library books to the homes of village residents who are unable to visit the library in person. This is a free service

Read the A4 leaflet here
Read the folded leaflet here

If you think you could benefit from this service, or would like to volunteer, please contact them at your local Royal Voluntary Service:
Royal Voluntary Service
01305 236 666

Dorset Library Service
01305 225 000


To be held at Leigh Village Hall
on Tuesday 18th May 2021 at 7 pm
(to comply with Pandemic restrictions in force on date)
1. Apologies
2. Welcome by Chairman of Leigh Parish Council
3. To receive Minutes of previous Annual Parish Meeting (21 May
4. Report by Chairman of Leigh Parish Council / Councillors on
Parish Council activity since the previous Parish AGM (2019)
5. Matters for discussion:
5.1. Consultation about road markings in the village: improvement
plan (Cate Dixon)
5.2. Gritting service by Dorset Council and Village Snow Plan
(Alan Bennett)
5.3. Community Speed Watch – resurrection of previous initiative
(Alan Bennett / Sarah Rudd)
5.4. Overgrowing hedges alongside roads (Graham Bugler)
5.5. Dorset Council’s ‘Local Plan’ and Leigh’s response with regard
to impact on Leigh (Sandra Scutt)
6. Reports by independent groups. Please forward updates and
reports to , for inclusion in the minutes.
7. Any items for consideration, raised by parishioners.
8. Date of next meeting

Overgrown hedges

The Parish council would like to remind residents that The cutting back of highway hedges and trees is the responsibility of the landowner or occupier on whose land the hedges and trees are growing.

It is the responsibility of all landowners or occupiers to ensure that their hedges and trees do not interfere with the safe use of public footways and roadways or obscure street lights and road signs.

We are aware that some hedges are overhanging / encroaching the highway in several locations around the village making it dangerous for road users and pedestrians.

A detailed description of landowners responsibilities can be found here